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RE: Problem upgrading my kernel to 2.4

Kent West wrote:
> Tom Connolly wrote:
>> Hello list,
>> I've am new to Debian so this may seem trivial but it has really got
>> me stumped. I have recently upgraded my kernel from 2.2 to 2.4 on my
>> woody system.  when I booted into the new kernel, my ethernet
>> adapter didn't work.  I did an "ifconfig" and all it showed was the
>> loopback device. I couldn't remember which driver I used so I booted
>> into the old kernel (I just added a new block to Lilo without
>> removing the old kernel).  I found out which driver I had but now my
>> system hangs when I try to boot back into the new kernel.
> At what point does it hang? What are any error messages?
I forget exactly where it hangs.  I know that it is relatively early in
the boot process and there are no errors.  It just stops.


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