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Re: default gateway problem

On Mon, 24 Jan 2005 20:50:09 +0100, Kolos Agoston wrote:

> I installed Debian Woody few days ago. I have an ADSL connection. The
> connection works fine exept the setting the default route. I suppose the
> problem is that I have installed somehow an sl0 interface, and the default
> route is this interface.

The sl0 Interface and its default route to belongs to diald, a
dial-on-demand daemon. Set it up completely and use it or deinstall it.

chrissie@balearen:~$ apt-cache show diald
 diald operates by starting a virtual link on a pseudo tty and setting up
 a route to the resulting interface. This interface is called the
 proxy.  diald monitors the proxy to determine when to bring up a real
 communications link.  When a real link is up diald routes packets from
 the proxy to the real link and monitors the real link to decide if it
 needs to be shut down.  As well, if the link goes down unexpectedly
 diald will attempt to reestablish the link.  The rules for controlling
 these operations are extensively configurable in run time startup

   bis denne,

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