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Re: mplayer in the console

On Monday 24 January 2005 19:27, Justin Guerin wrote:
> On Sunday 23 January 2005 14:47, andras.lorincz@gmail.com wrote:
> > Well, I solved it. To have it work I launched like this:
> >
> > mplayer -vo cvidix movie.avi
> >
> > But there are two things I don't like:
> > 1. After the movie is started,it can be seen on all ttys
> > 2. If the movie doesn't fits the whole height of the screen, it doesn't
> > fills with black the remaining space, so the text in the console is
> > visible in that area.
> Does using the full screen option black out the outside areas?  I believe
> it does that under X, and I don't see why it would be different.  Can't
> test it here, though.
> Justin Guerin

Actually I started like this:

mplayer -vo cvidix -fs movie.avi

I forgot the -fs option when I wrote the mail.
If I start like:

mplayer -vo vesa -fs movie.avi

blacks out the outside areas. But after quiting mplayer, I get a black 
console. The mplayer-doc says that this is possible and suggestes to switch 
to another vt and back. Unfotunately that doesn't work. The virtual console 
reappears only if get back into X with Ctrl-Alt-F7, then back to tty1.

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