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Newbie trouble with network card

I have Debian Woody recently installed on a Pentium II with 64 MB RAM. I successfully (?) used eepro in the installation to install an Intel EtherExpress Pro/10+ ISA network card, using "io=0x300,3" on the command line (after having used Intel's program to disable pnp and put the same settings on the card).

My two computers won't talk. Neither can ping the other.

When pinging from my windows computer, the switch lights blink like they're supposed to. When pinging from the Debian box, they don't. So I know that that network card is the problem.

My Debian box can ping itself, and ifconfig shows the card and everything appears normal (I can send the output if needed). Is there possibly an IRQ conflict--what command would I use to find out? When I used the Intel program to change settings on the card, it indicated that the io settings were overlapped by another device--but it said that on every setting I tried. I thought that that might be because of the DOS boot that I had to use to run the Intel program.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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