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Re: Programming Languages, "to C or not to C, that is the Q."

On Sat, 2005-01-22 at 16:55 -0500, Scotty Fitzgerald wrote:
> Hi, All,
> I was raised on Basic, (PDP 11/70 RSTS/E, TRS-80, Vic-20, Gw-basic)
> Then did Pascal in College.  Now that I don't have to spend all
> my time on the computer getting updates from microsoft, I think
> I will try my hand at a little traditional programming.

The only thing better than Basic-Plus is VAX Basic.  Woo hoo!!

Since there's no VAX Basic compiler for Linux, look at Python.

It has a familiar (that's familiar, not exact) syntax, and can
be used for procedural programming and OO programming.

Here are the basic packages you'd need to install:
  # apt-get install python2.3 python2.3-doc python2.3-bsddb3 \
       python2.3-examples python2.3-fixedpoint python2.3-gdbm

A good tutorial and other docs will be installed :

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
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