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Re: [Woody 3.02] can't find the source code of previoius version of Tomcat

Sam Watkins wrote:

On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 12:13:32PM -0800, Jeff Chang wrote:
My name is Jeff Chang. I urgently need to find the source code of Debian GNU/
Linux version 3.02 (current version is 3.04). I searched throughly on the web; however, I was only able to find the latest version of it. Furthermore, all the mirror sites are synced with that version.

Can you please give me some help on where and how I can find the source code of this piece of software?

Do you need the source for the entire distribution, or just one piece of
software (one package)?  perhaps the kernel?

As Ron said, if you can explain what you need the source for we may be
able to help better.
From the header of the Jeff's message, it appears that he wants the source for the Tomcat package (in stable/contrib). I'm pretty new to Debian and wouldn't really know where to look for old source code, either. Perhaps the package maintainer might be able to help?

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