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Re: OT I just discovered texmacs; wow!

On Jan 19 2005, Micha Feigin wrote:
> For most things lyx can make latex even simpler. Its what you would call
> a = what you see is almost what you get editor front end to latex (looks
> a bit like = word, but the final output is processed through latex).

>From what I understand about lyx, I think that it is not for me. I got the
impression that it generates the LaTeX code as you type and I prefer to
live at a slightly lower level.

I have my own package file with tweaks to the documents that I generate and
that abstract those operations whenever I need those. I want to see exactly
how the code generate is and I regard the texts that I type as programs and
I want to use good indentation practices, good abstraction (via new
environments and/or macros) and I got the impression that lyx woun't help
me with that.

Is my impression correct?

BTW, I also use RCS with my documents. I'll soon be using subversion, as
soon as I see how to set up a basic local repository and hook things up in

Thanks for your comments, Rogério.

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