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Trouble with Keyboard definition


I have bought a laptop from Toshiba Model SM30-801 with a QWERTY keyboard ... 
(I'm french, used to AZERTY), but no matter I want to use it in QWERTY ...

I have a problem ... I have defined in KDE to use the "US" keyboard (I have 
tried several US/English definitions)... and choosed Toshiba keyboard (I'm 
using KDE v3.2) ... it's running quite good except the fact that I have some 
keys like @, # or ' wich are close to the Enter key on my keyboard 
(physicaly), but to get the @ I need to use Shift+2 ... so not the normal 
physical keyboard definition ... :o(

What I have made wrong ?
How can I solve my trouble ?
What tools and files I need to use/edit to make a new keyboard definition ?
(May I could give it to the community after ... so how to do that also ... ?)

Thanks per advance for your answers...

Bill Footcow

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