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Re: How to tell WHY apt wants to install so many packages

Marc Shapiro <mshapiro_42 <at> yahoo.com> writes:

> Alban Browaeys wrote:
> >>The following held packages will be changed:
> >>   kdebase-data kdewallpapers
> > 
> I don't think that is the case, even though there is a hold on 
> kdewallpapers.  If I just removed the hold it would allow kdewallpapers 
> to be upgraded, and other packages that depend on a more recent version 
> would come along for the ride.  But I am REMOVING kdewallpapers! 
> Anything that depends on it at all would be removed, not upgraded. 
> Besides, the only thing that depends on it is the metapackage kdebase. 
> If you look at the packages that are to be upgraded and installed you 
> will see that many (if not most) have nothing to do with kde (as far as 
> I can see).
> > My bet are you can keeps your old versions of kde by settings old on 
> > higher
> > levels ones (kdelibs and such).
> > Last i do not understand what you are doing. From what i see you are removing
> > kdewallpapers without removing kdeartwork metapackage (which depends on
> > kdewallpapers)
> I am not removing kdeartwork because I do not have it installed.  I do 
> not run kde, or gnome, or any other "desktop environment".  I use fvwm2 
> and I do use a few kde packages (such as konsole and kate).

there where two packages on hold kdebase-data and kdewallpapers. This was an
example. I left kdebase-data on you but you seems to need full support.
I have down the dependency walk for kdebase-data, see  end of this message.
> I like the way that apt-get works.  I am used to it.  I can hold 
> packages by doing 'dpkg --get-selections > selections', edit the file 
> and then 'dpkg --set-selections < selections'.  It may be a bit clumsy, 
> but I am used to it and I understand it.

So the dependency check for kdebase-data:

I don t have the version you had , let s guess you had kdewallpapers 
< 4:3.0.0, and take one random dependency path :
 this would have hold kdebase which would have hold kdelibs4 , itself holding 
libcupsys2-gnutls holding gnutls and cups related package (you where lucky
kdelibs4 relate to all kde apps , gnutls to all ssl ones : cups , samba
, browsers , nautilus ... .
Seems you only hold some of them through dependencies.
If it was really kdebase 4:3.0.0 you are a master ! else that may explain why
 so few packages are finally able to upgrade.

If you still want to go keep those kdelibs , you can find a good use for dpkg
--get-selections by using regex on the file to hold all kde applications. That
would be a safer way to achieve this fork of sid.

It took mee twice the time to write this email than walk through dependencies
in aptitude. 
If you like apt-get, dpkg , that s fine. Don't tell that you don't understand
dependencies , nobody could with those.


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