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Re: Kernel Panic for File System, cannot umount / fsck

hi ya

On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Tim Harding wrote:

> I can't umount as root either due to the file system busy error that
> I've got in my original post:

you cant unmount because you're not root
	- do not login as tim and than su to root

to see what is useing /home,  "fuser -muv /home"
	and kill all those processes as root
 	which will kill yourself too if you logged in as tim
	to become root

> The host is remote so single user mode seems like a last resort, is
> there anyway around that?

if its remote, you can still login  as root, and keep network connections,
( a little tricky ) and still remove /home and still run e2fsck on /home
and other fun stuff

c ya

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