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Re: debian thunderbird

huh, got that. probably thats why debian packages don't have firefox
icons/logos, right?

On Tue, 18 Jan 2005 21:52:39 +0100, Joris Huizer <jorishuizer@planet.nl> wrote:
> Mik,elis Rozenbergs wrote:
> > This is probably not the right mailing list where to ask, but why the
> > hell is mozilla thunderbird (the lastest mozilla-thunderbird package
> > from unstable) now called 'Debian Thunderbird' ? Is there going to be
> > also Debian Firefox ? I noticed that these both apps are a little bit
> > different from those, installed by the official installed. Why so? Is
> > this some kind of 'Debianize everything' ?
> Probably because some insane copyright note in mozilla licence about the
> name; I remember seeing some discussion about something like this some
> time ago; anyway it's not to 'Debianize everything' I think
> regards,
> Joris
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