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Re: How to tell WHY apt wants to install so many packages

Marc Shapiro <mshapiro_42 <at> yahoo.com> writes:

> No luck:  "apt-get -f install" did nothing and the remove still wants to 
> update 10 packages and install 21 new ones.

> The following held packages will be changed:
>    kdebase-data kdewallpapers

You may have set a "hold" on those kde packages. As you are removing the
packages , the hold is removed and the other kde applications (not having a old
but which upgrade was blocked by your old of those few ones) upgrades ,
installing their dependencies.

My bet are you can keeps your old versions of kde by settings old on higher
levels ones (kdelibs and such).
Last i do not understand what you are doing. From what i see you are removing
kdewallpapers without removing kdeartwork metapackage (which depends on
kdewallpapers) nor kde  metapaccakge (which depends on kdeartwork).
Those metapackages are here for those that want the complete kde desktop without
much trouble. If you want only part of the kde desktop select the appropriate
meta-packages only .
For example : use kde-core, kdeutils, kdegraphics but no kde nor kdeartwork.


PS: you should use frontends, apt-get is not meant for users, you can do hold,
pinning, see dependencies and fixes them eventually much easier with aptitude,
synaptic and others.

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