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Re: disaster with LILO, Debian Linux, Windows, and booting

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Spongebob wrote:

> > Hard drives are organized into a set of concentric 'tracks' called
> > cylinders.  GRUB can't boot the kernel you requested because that
> > file is physically located on the disk beginning in a cylinder which
> > the BIOS isn't able to boot the system from.  Many BIOSes are only
> > able to boot the system off of the first 1024 cylinders; anything
> > further out than that is not bootable.

old bios that does not support lba-12 will have problems,
thus the dumb work around to put /boot under the 1024 cyliner limit

another equally dumb way is to boot off floppy 

another silly way out is to go to your local surplus place and buy a 20GB
disk for $20 to install linux onto it and you're now "fixed" 

> Ah, the little light-bulb above my head is beginning to glow. Maybe it's 
> not gremlins in the computer after all. Am I maybe hitting the 32 GB 
> barrier I hear mentioned sometimes?

the 1024cylinder boundry is at 504MB limit

32MB is not the issue

more bios problems

> /dev/hda1 = 20 GB, fat32
> /dev/hda3 = 2 GB, swap
> /dev/hda4 = 52 GB, ext2

bad idea ... 

> /dev/hda5 = 60 GB, fat32
> /dev/hda6 = 20 GB, fat32
> hda4 is nearly 2/3 full. Last time I compiled a kernel it was probably only 
> about 20% full.

kernel chews up 50m - 100mb depending on what you do to it

c ya

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