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Re: NIS setup

John Harrold wrote:

Sometime in January Daniel L. Miller assaulted the keyboard and produced:

| I've been having a heck of a time trying to get NIS working on my Debian | network. I've tried following the instructions of the Debian NIS HOWTO | and the NIS HOWTO. Anyone have some experience with this who can give | me a hand? | | Daniel

I can give you a hand. I've done this recently. If you can give some more
details with respect to where you had problems, it would be a lot easier
Almost from "go". I can install the nis packages on my server and clients. One item that doesn't appear documented - except on some websites - is the need to change settings in /etc/default/nis. So I did - the server is set to "master", and client=false, and the clients set appropriately as well.

I've set the ypserv.securenets with my local subnet.

The server is able to start, and "ypinit -m" runs fine.

The rpcinfo test works also.

But ypbind, run locally or on clients, is unable to bind to the server.


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