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Re: udev question

Roberto Sanchez <roberto <at> familiasanchez.net> writes:

> My question is, now that devfs is gone and udev has taken its place, should
> /.dev still exist?  Also, do I need devfs style symlinks in /dev ?  It seems
> as though default behavior for udev is to create devfs style devices with
> compatibility symlinks.  Is this optimal?

This is not the default. udev check if devfs was used while installing. In this
case it use devfs.rules instead of udev.rules as a symlink in /etc/udev/rules.d

This is to avoid breaking your system : else you would have to change /etc/fstab
before rebooting, for example.

About /.dev i m too interested in an answer (i did the devfs migration a year
ago and did not though aboutit). My mount are :
/dev                    561320    244480    288328  46% /.dev
none                      5120      2700      2420  53% /dev
Which seems strange ... udev tmpfs mounted in dev mounted on .dev !


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