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Re: Linux friendly Mainboard, Video, and Sound Card Manufacturer?

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005, Wim De Smet wrote:

> > For video, again I recommend nVidia, something like the GeForce 5600FX.
> I disagree. nForce is a completely propietary chipset that used to
> require the nVidia supplied drivers for the network card at least
> (which AFAIK are not included on the CD you get with your
> motherboard).

still is required ..

and you do get partial source code to compile it to work with any kernel
linking with their *.o files
	( proprietory in that "important" sense, but open in that
	( it'd work with any linux kernel

> And for the original question about sound. If you're going to buy a
> card, I've allways found the soundblaster cards from creative well
> supported. Though some people seem to believe creative is evil.

creative is evil because ... "sound blaster compatible" does NOT mean
it is ... everybody's ( manufacturer's ) idea of compatible is different
	- only one way to see, is to just try it and learn on this one

	- and add oss vs alsa for additional fun to get sound working

c ya

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