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Re: Question about x.org


Ross Laird (<ross@rosslaird.info>) wrote:

> This issue has already received a great deal of attention, but I've 
> been unable to come up with any firm details about it: 
> I understand that Debian will likely be moving to x.org soon, but it's
> not clear when. Anybody know details?

I am not a Debian developer, but as far as I know there definitely won't
be a migration from XFree86 to x.org before Sarge becomes stable. If
XFree is replaced by x.org in unstable, it will become more difficult
to correct problems with XFree in Sarge (the normal way would be to
correct them in unstable and let the packages go to Sarge). And there
is also no plan to switch to x.org in Sarge.

best regards
 Andreas Janssen

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