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Re: sound


Thorsten Alge (<thorsten@thorsten-alge.de>) wrote:

> ive a little problem with sound in linux. on my windows box i can
> watch a video and can hear the sound of all my programs (ie. xchat or
> skype...). On linux i cant use sound from two programs a time, why? is
> there any way to change this?

Most cheap sound cards are not able to mix sound streams themselves.
Instead that has to be done by the driver or some application. On
Linux, you can configure ALSA to do that for you (if you use ALSA,
search alsa-project.org for "dmix"). You can also tell your
applications to use some sound server that will do it for you, e.g.
arts if you use KDE, or esd. In that case your applications need a
output plugin for the sound server, or you must call the program using
some wrapper like artsdsp. You can also find more info on this topic if
you search the archive of this list.

best regards
 Andreas Janssen

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