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Re: Latest Samba roaming profiles broken?

Daniel BERMON a écrit :

Dan Slatford a écrit :

In the last couple of days or so, about the time I did an upgrade on my
sarge box, samba has broken.

Idem on my "almost production ready" server.

It's an ldap coupled domain controller, the problem is roaming profiles
no longer save. A few files or directories might be saved when logging
off to the profiles share, but Windows will fail and claim access denied
saving anything else, Win2k and XP Pro. I've tried completely erasing
the profiles on the server and locally, the same even happens on a new
windows PC with a new user. It just won't save the profile. I can
however write to the share myself. I can even copy the whole profile in
manually, but Windows will still complain about access being mysterious
denied moments after it *begins* to write some files at logoff.

Same config, and same results.

I've rolled back to samba 3.0.7-2 and it works fine once again.

So did I, and samba works fine again too, changin nothing in smb.conf

More spookily, if I upgrade again to 3.0.8-2, profiles saved under the
downgraded version appear to then log off fine, while new profiles
refuse to completely save. If I delete the then working profile and log
in/out, again, it won't save until I downgrade samba.

Not sure if this is a samba bug or what at present. Anyone else
experienced it?

Searching around the web, i found this bug was know in 3.0.8, and was supposed to be fixed in 3.0.9.
But it seems to be back with 3.0.10.
I still have to try 3.0.9.
I'll try to post again after this step.

We tried SAMBA 3.0.9. Bad news !

The bug is still here. Roaming profiles are not saved at user's logoff on WIN2K and WINXP client.

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