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Re: Touchpad scrollwheel won't scroll under sarge

I see from some pages on the net that this is a problem with the driver.
Users of synaptics touchpads have a synaptics driver to get  them by,
however I have an Alps touchpad.  I see from the synaptics driver
homepage that the driver ships with a patch to make it work with alps
touchpads, however when I install & use the synaptics driver (using
apt-get) in my XF86Config-4 file, the XFree log says that it can't
detect any synaptics device.  I know I can compile from source, but
looking at the debian changelogs for this package
it looks like detection of Alps devices was fixed way back in 0.13.2-1
(I'm using 0.13.6-2).

So, does anyone know if 0.13.6-2 as found in sarge really does detect
alps touchpads, or do I need to compile from source with the alps patch?

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