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Re: 'Virtual Private Servers' - Advice, recollections and recommendations requested

Sam Watkins wrote (09-01-2005 19:57):
On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 10:09:00PM -0200, Jeronimo Pellegrini wrote:
On Fri, Jan 07, 2005 at 02:04:34PM -0500, Roberto Sanchez wrote:

The hosting provider I mention above offers 600 MB space and 25 GB/month
(for the $70 plan) or 800 MB space and 35 GB/month (for the $100 plan).
That should be plenty for most any organization.

Since I wanted root access, I got it (with Woody preinstalled) at
linode.com (they use UML). For $20/mo, you get 25Gb transfer, 64Mb
RAM, and 3Gb disk space.

I also use Linode, Linode is great, I have no complaints!  They have a
forum (quite like fastmail.fm's one) where you can get help from other
users and the developer of Linode, and they use a special kernel hack to
prevent other people on the same box from monopolising the disk IO and
slowing the machine to a halt.  The web interface is good.

I have a VPS at johncompanies.com, with which I'm very happy. Default you get 4Gb disk and 40Gb xfer on a shared server. I'm running Debian on mine which they provided initially, and I later upgraded as I saw fit.

I pay $45/month because I qualified as an open source contributor, otherwise it's $65/month.

Their support persons are very qualified and have always been helpful too me.

René Seindal (rene@seindal.dk)
Seindal Consult

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