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Re: 'Virtual Private Servers' - Advice, recollections and recommendations requested

Rich Rudnick wrote:
1.  Reputable providers: Who do you use that you would recommend? UML
seems acceptable, since our load will be almost minuscule to begin with.
At least one static ip is a must.

I just recently obtained a VPS from Tektonic <http://www.tektonic.net> and they have been great. My first night I flubbed and messed up the VPS twice. They were helpful and prompt on answering my trouble tickets.

2.  How do I get a grip on potential traffic volume?

Not sure though with my VPS I am averaging about 5Gb/month. Most of that is in rather large PNGs in an image gallery I host. Prior to that gallery being up I rarely broke 1Gb. Most plans these days offer dozens of Gb at the lowest levels.

Tektonic lets you build up your VPS how you like and if you find you need more HD space, RAM, traffic you can always add it onto the plan later.

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