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Re: dhcp apparently handing out the wrong ip address

On Saturday 08 January 2005 20:58, Jan C. Nordholz wrote:

> the only thing I can imagine is that the DHCP query gets matched against
> _both_ hardware parameters, not one of them... and the interface querying
> the IP address can never match both.

I think that must be it

> Have you tried splitting the host{}-clause in two? If I understand
> correctly, the hostname after the "host" keyword is freely choosable as
> long as you adjust the hostname the DHCP client gets sent back, so it might
> be possible to write something like:
> option use-host-decl-names false

above option keeps failing, but fortunately I don't actually need it

> host rabbit1 {
>   hardware ethernet 00:06:5b:b7:9c:35;
>   fixed-address rabbit.home;
>   option host-name rabbit;
> }
> host rabbit2 {
>   hardware ethernet 00:06:25:2a:fa:25;
>   fixed-address rabbit.home;
>   option host-name rabbit;
> }

That seems to solve the problem.  Thanks

Alan Chandler
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,
 then they fight you, then you win. --Gandhi

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