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Re: dual boot? what do i need to do?

On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, Charles Read wrote:

> Hey everybody!
> Im trying to install Gentoo on my functional Debian system, I have 2 
> HD's, /dev/hdab and hdb.  I have / on hda1 (set bootable), swap on 
> hda2, and /home on hdb1 /usr on hdb2 and am trying to put Gentoo on 
> hdb3.  I have my menu.lst file in /boot/grub, but that is on the Debian 
> / partition, I am assuming that I will need to edit menu.lst in order 
> to be able to boot into Gentoo once installed on hdb3,

good .. so far

only bad part... is you're using 2 disks in order for debian to boot :-)

it would have been better to have kept /usr on /dev/hda if you could have
( too late now )

> but how will it 
> being on hda1 affect the install?

when gentoo installs .. make sure it only knows about /dev/hdb3
	- it is okay for gentoo to use /dev/hda2 as its swap

	- it is okay for gentoo to use /dev/hdb1 for its /home
	if you want to share /home for both distro

	- do NOT let gentoo use /boot from /dev/hda1 ( debian )
	/boot can be on the same rootfs as gentoo:{/bin,/lib,/dev,/etc..} 

>  That is if I make hdb3 the root 
> partition for my Gentoo system

good so far

> (and set up a seperate swap space of 
> course)

let /dev/hda2 be the swap for gentoo too ..
	- assuming only gentoo or debian will be booted at any time
	and not up at the same time

> and install Gentoo's kernel and initrd image on hdb3 how will 
> the menu.lst (acting as grub.conf?)

that is exactly want gentoo to do 

> be able to see the image(s) on hdb3?


you would than edit the gentoo:/boot/grub/menu.lst to 
	know about debian's /

or you would edit debian:/boot/grub/menu.lst to know about gentoo's /

just add the extra couple of lines of the other distro

>  Or will that be determined by my setup of menu.lst (as in 
> root=hd1,0) for the Gentoo entry?

unless you told the installer at the time of nstalling,
it will not create the other dual boot rootfs in its 
boot/grub/grub.conf and menu.lst files

>  I wouldn't need to make hdb3  bootable would I?

i make it a habit that any rootfs or /boot is bootable
	use fdisk and turn on the boot flag for /boot partition
	or / that has /boot in it

the boot flag in todays pcs are worthless and meaningless though
	the boot loaders look for 0xaa55 as contents at a particular
	location of the first 512bytes of the partition
	( at 512 - 3 ? )
c ya

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