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Re: Can a particular network card be permenantly bound to an eth'x' number?

* Ron Johnson:
> On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 21:21 +0000, rich wrote:
>> I have several network cards in my laptop - wired lan, wireless lan,
>> loopback & firewire.  After a recent update (I'm running testing) my
>> interface numbers all jumped around so that instead of the wired lan
>> being eth0, it's now eth1 & the firewire is eth0.  What defines what
>> eth'x' number is given to which network device?  It's a pain having to
>> change configuration each time they move numbers (as also happens
>> depending on whether I boot with my wireless cardbus in the slot or
>> not)!
> I think there's a way in /etc/modules to bind an interface to a
> particular driver.

I think this ability is dependant on the kernel module. With ipw2[12]00
this is possible by loading the module with the option "ifname".

options ipw2100 ifname=wlan0

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