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Printing pdf files, Acroread and lpr

As I no longer succeed in doing this in acroread--the print-job icon appears 
and then disappears and this has been a long time problem--I have been going 
directly through lpr.

Lpr worked just fine. Since A4 pages were going into a letter size printer, it 
intelligently cut off images on top and on the bottom giving me the text, 
full size and never missed a letter. (Adobe could shrink the pages correctly 
when it printed.) Now (latest CUPS from Sid), it no longer cuts off but 
simply takes a bit on the bottom of the next page, leaves the rest blank and 
paginates accordingly. In some instances, text from sea to shining sea, this 
might be best but not usually since most documents have margins.

How do I restore this functionality?
Would another viewer do better (ghostview and xpdf did behave the same as 

(There is a new acroread beta around so this might be worth a try/)

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