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Just finished doing an apt-get update, upgrade and dist-upgrade using
testing on a good functioning Woody
2.4.18-bf2.4 system.  Now as happened on a previous upgrade, my GUI wont
open(CRT-ALT-F7 doesn't
bring up the login screen).  There is a bootup message that libc.so.6
version GLIBC_2.3 depends on libc6
version 2.3.? and is not installed or something to that effect.  So I do
another apt-get update and install llibc6
and at the end of the install a message appears that says I should stop
services(with your hands) on kdm gdm,
postgresgl and xscreen saver and then come back and install libc6.  Well,
I'd do just that if I knew what was
going on and how to do it.  Please, someone enlighten me on how to get
around this or point me to some explicit
documentation that covers the situation.  I'd be most grateful.

Leonard Chatagnier

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