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Re: free vs commercial

> I forgot: I bought a CanoScan Lide30 which I plugged into my laptop.
> That was the hard part. The easy part was starting up gimp and selecting
> 'acquire' and clicking on my scanning device. It didn't even need the
> install cd. Windows users were advised to first install the cd before
> plugging the scanner in.
> David

Just a note , you have to insert the cd "before" , as if you did not update the
os, the usb controller driver is buggy and that could lead you to BoD.

Well if vendors shipped patched kernel modules ... if even they ship their
hardware ones !

windows have nothing to do with the ease of plug and play : hardware vendors are
the keys .

Just choose vendors that support (if not contribute or cooperate) with your OS,
that s the least you could do . 

Or else buy a hover or any piece of junk and wonder why linux refuse to tell it
to start .


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