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Re: sharing /var/cache between two installations of debian?

On Thursday 06 January 2005 01:35 pm, Andrew Schulman wrote:
> > I want to both to use the same /var/cache partition.  /var/cache has its
> > own partition.  I already share /tmp and swap.  Is there anything in
> > /var/cache, or is there anything that could be in /var/cache that would
> > cause problems if it was shared in this way?
> I don't know, but there are other things you can do short of sharing all
> of /var/cache.  For example, you could mount just part of it in both
> Debs, e.g. /var/cache/apt/archives, which takes up about 1 GB on my
> host.  That would be a pretty big space savings for you already.
> If you don't want to separately mount a whole bunch of subdirectories in
> /var/cache, then you could mount the partition that holds /var/cache at,
> say, /mnt/cache in each Deb, and then set up a bunch of symlinks in each
> Deb's /var/cache, pointing into the shareable parts of /mnt/cache.
> This doesn't answer the question of which parts of /var/cache are safely
> shareable, but it does give you a strategy for sharing just the parts
> that you know (or think) are safe.
> Good luck,
> Andrew.

I think what I am going to do is the next time I switch to the other 
installation, I will call that partition /opts or something, there was an 
option in the sarge installer for a partition with info that a server will 
share, I will call it that.  Then I will reconfigure both apt-build and 
apt-cacher to point to the /whatever_it's_called partition instead 
of /var/cache/apt-build and /var/cache/apt-cacher

The idea of setting up  a mess of symlinks to do what I want will lead to 
problems.  I will forget some symlink or another.  Configuration files for 
both apt-cacher and apt-build survive the backup/restore procedure so I 
should only have to do this once, but it will have to wait until the next 

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