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installing on a partition

I will be completing a build in the next couple of days and have
decided to install Debian on my new system.  However, I also need XP
installed, and I am not sure which I should install on my hard drive
first.  I have an extra IDE hard drive I could use if I have to, but
the motherboard I have (D915PBL) only has room for one IDE device, and
I will have a DVD and CD-RW drive on that.

I have installed different distributions of Linux before, and you can
usually setup a partition table.  Is it similar with Debian?  If I
install Debian first, can I set up my root, swap, home (etc)
partitions and leave one for Windows, or should I install Windows
first and then install Debian?  I don't think it matters, but I will
be installing on a 120GB SATA drive that has never been used before. 
If I use a setup like this, will I be prompted for which partition I
wish to boot to?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Christian Evans

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