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Re: Alternative X and graphic drivers. HOWTO ?

On Thu, 06 Jan 2005 16:30:49 +0100, Bob Alexander <bob@ngi.it> wrote:
> I have this Thinkpad T40 with a fairly standard Debian sid on it.
> Reading some appends it appears that using the X.org and/or ATI's binary
> driver could enhance performance and/or stability (upon
> susupend/resumes) of my machine.
> Do  I understand correctly that I can run EITHER XFree86.dfsg OR X.org
> on my machine and that Debian packages for the latter do not exist ?

If memory serves me right, the IBM Thinkpad T40 has an ATI Mobility
Radeon 7500 video chipset - you won't need ATI's binary driver to get
decent 3D on this machine as X's own DRI-enabled open source driver
(ati) would be apt for the task.  You could add these in the "Device"
section for your video:

        Option          "Accel"
        Option          "AGPMode"               "4"
        Option          "EnablePageFlip"        "1"
        Option          "AGPFastWrite"          "1"
        Option          "HWCursor"              "1"
        Option          "DDCMode"               "yes"

Paolo Alexis Falcone

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