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Re: installing on a partition

* messmate:
> Jochen Schulz <kannstmichma@gmx.net> wrote:
>>The best way to do this is to create a large FAT partition because
>>Linux has no (free) NTFS write support. You can do that at install time
>>and select a mount point for it (eg "/data").
> I've installed win98 on a vfat partition (first of cource) and after
> that ( 1 year later) i've installed win200 + professionnal on the same
> partition !
> So, win200 is a ntfs filesystem, do it ?

IIRC you can choose whether Win2k/XP uses FAT or NTFS. The default for a
new install is NTFS, so you're partly correct. You can check what you
use by the output of 'mount' (if this partition is mounted at all).

> I can write/read without any problem to win.

There are (commercial?) tools to have r/w support for NTFS (and I am not
talking about the crippled write support from the mainstream kernel).
But I don't know whether any distributor includes one of these by
default. Debian doesn't. Reading has never been a problem.

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