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Re: no ipchains with 2.2/no network with 2.4

On Wed, Jan 05, 2005 at 04:53:10PM +0100, Pierre A. Damas wrote:
> Since I installed the woody distribution, I am the happy owner of a
> kernel 2.2.

> I would like to use ipchains, but it is "not supported in this
> Kernel", so I searched everywhere to find an ipchains.o module to
> insmod for 2.2 (I found for 2.4).  In which package would it be ?

It should be supported in that kernel!  IIRC all the stock Debian 2.2
kernels support ipchains.  Do you have the "ipchains" package installed?

You could try installing the "ipmasq" package, that should set up a
firewall and masquerading whether you're using ipchains or iptables or

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