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Re: kernel2.6 I cannot login

In article <[🔎] opsj2yux2cu7z6qs@delphyne>,
Massa Takeuti <delphyne@sb.starcat.ne.jp> wrote:
>My keyboard is a PS/2 American style 104 keyboard.
>My mouce is a PS/2 wheel mouce.
>I can use them for 2.4 kernel without any trouble.
>I show you my kernel configuration.

Hmm, looks like the keyboard/mouse driver is not compiled in.


># Input I/O drivers
># CONFIG_GAMEPORT is not set
># CONFIG_SERIO_I8042 is not set

The i8042 is the keyboard/mouse UART. You need to enable that.
In fact it is enabled by default on a PC. Did you simply
disable _all_ serial drivers ? Not a good idea :)


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