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Re: modem for potato

On Thu, Dec 30, 2004 at 10:01:27AM +0100, Dani Belz wrote:
> * John Hasler <jhasler@debian.org> [04-12-30 01:03]:
> > Any external modem that connects to the computer via a serial port will
> > work.
> Unfortunately not true! Bought a Creative modem some time ago. This
> didn't work. There really are modems that do not work with linux (at
> least it isn't easy to set them up). Now I use my very old modem
> again :)
> grZ
> Dani
I agree, I had major trouble finding a modem which worked for me.
Initially, I had three internal modems, one 14.4 which works ...
not very helpful, one not working at all (big case of winmodem, I can't 
even bother to get it out to check the chipset) and one intel made 56k 
modem with a chpset that needs the hamcore kernel module. 

This module is part closed source, so I compiled the rest and after some 
fiddling found out that it locks the the kernel if using SMP _plus_ it 
is only usable with 2.4 kernels. Hmpf!! So I used it until a friend gave 
me an external USR 33.6 modem which I use now without problem.

So much for closed source drivers....go to a new kernel version and
support is gone.


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