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Printer outputting raw postscript

Hi, I was just setting up my dads computer with Sarge when I ran into a problem with the printing.

We're using CUPS, just a basic installation thus far. I was setting it up using KDE Printing Manager, and when it came to trying the test page, all it did was output "%!PS-Adobe-3.0 %%BoundingBox: " and so forth.

The printer is a Samsung ML-5100A, which appears to be about the only one not listed explicitly in the driver list typically. Though it is apparently a PCL6 compatible printer (which were the drivers I tried).

Now I'm going to guess that I simply either forgot to configure something, or forgot to install something. Or worse, this is some weird KDE thing which I've run into.

Anyone got any advice, pointers etc?

Of course, when I did this for myself a while back, it just worked...



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