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Re: Ugly sarge upgrade -- kernel 2.4.27-2 > 2.4.27-6

On Sat, Dec 25, 2004 at 03:27:57PM -0500, Michael Murphy wrote:
> After upgrading, the computer ran so slowly that it was as if I were
> trying to run on a '486.  On boot, the lines *crawled* up the screen
> in shifting waves.  Also, the soundcard couldn't be found and alsa
> didn't load.  I restored the previous version from the snapshots
> archive and all has returned to normal.  

FYI, I'm experiencing nearly identical problems; also Toshiba laptop
PIII.  The "upgrade" also broke AFS; my sysadmin had to compile new
AFS kernel modules.  AFS works now, but I'm experiencing extreme
slowness like you.  Haven't tried recompiling/removing the alsa
modules yet; will try that tonight.  I also noticed that hotplug
produces numerous error messages during boot-up.


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