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Re: Maple 9.5 interfaces on Debian box

Thomas Adam wrote:
--- Jerome BENOIT <jgmbenoit@wanadoo.fr> wrote:
Hello List,

I have just installed Maple 9.5(2) on my Sarge box:
1] I have some trouble with the keyboard when I use the classical

My guess was that the issue is classical.

I have trouble with the keyboard:
1] the arrow key (up,down,right,left) do not work,
so the cursor does not move properly;
2] sometimes, mainly after copy/past via key shortcut,
the cursor dispears and cannot be used;
3] other disapointing strangeness.

Otherwise, my Window Manager is Gnome.


You really need to add more information. Read that question back to
yourself. There's nothing near the correct amount of information needed to
answer it.

Specifically you need to say *what* issues you are having with the Motif
interface. Knowing your WM (Window Manager) would help, too.

-- Thomas Adam

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