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Re: Obtain diploma degree

Gah! The HTML, it burns my eyes!!!   Oh, Precious...

Alvin Smith wrote:
On Tuesday 04 January 2005 02:35 pm, David P James wrote:

 > On Tue 4 January 2005 13:43, ANDERSENTbird@aol.com wrote:

 > > I cant get into any of the university sites Steve


 > I don't know whether to laugh or cry...


 > On a more serious note, how is it that this piece of mail got through to

 > the list without having the usual debian-user unsubscribe information

 > appended to the message? Is it perhaps a result of the message being

 > sent in both plain text and HTML?

I am sending this as html... Let's see what happens!



Alvin Smith


Christian Convey
Computer Scientist,
Naval Undersea Warfare Center
Newport, RI

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