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Re: Some questions from new debian user

 --- Serge Matveev <serge@matveev.spb.ru> wrote: 
>     I installed Debian testing (after about year timeout) and now I have
> some questions:
>     - Right after install gdm displayed self on my language (Russian),
> but
>       after some additional packets (or upgrades) he lost this ability -
> now
>       it displays self only in english. Where I can fix this?

Sounds like a "locale" issue to me. "dpkf-reconfigure locales".
>     - How I can run linux_logo on all consoles? This method looks ugly
> :-(
>       cat /etc/issue >> /etc/issue.linuxlogo 
>       cp /etc/issue.linuxlogo /etc/issue

What linux logo is this?

>     - How I can setup font lookup order in X. If I have two fonts with
> the
>       same alias (9x16 by example) - one with western symbols and other
> -
>       with cyrrilic, how I can set "cyriilic" alias to be "main"?

The order that the fonts are searched in is dependant on the order that
the font lines are listed in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 -- change them around.

>     - setserial sets my internal modem speed to 9600 on every reboot.
> How 
>       I can fix this? My modem uses ttyS0

dpkg-reconfigure setserial

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