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Re: apache 1.3.x

steef wrote:

hi list,

installed apache 1.3.x. server under sarge. (incl. utils, no modules: just plain)

i use a sweex-router, and i opened under general-settings, NAT channel 80 under TCP protocol:

<    TCP  80>

yet my website duin-web.nl.tt cannot be seen.

what did i do wrong??

It seems that you have configured your joynic domain name (duin-web.nl.tt) to point to an internal IP address ( that doesn't exist outside your own network. Just opening up that ip/port in your router isn't enough, because nobody else will ever know how to get to it.

(can remember something like this worked that way well under woody in other times on other places)
thanx a lot for a workable answer,

Do you have a static IP address that you can use? If not, something like http://www.dyndns.org/ "Dynamic DNS" service may be of use to you.

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