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Re: mondoarchive - error in mkisofs

Robert S wrote:
Was there such a file?

Which file do you refer to?

Anyway, this: http://www.sorcerer.mirrors.pair.com/sources/mindi/ and
mondo has other levels. I use mondo 1.67 and mindo 0.87 with a
mindi-kernel with great success. So I tend not to change levels until my
system hardware changes and that level no longer supports it.

I'll try one of those.

Mondo/mindo is very easy to install from scratch.

When you say "from scratch" do you mean compile from source?  I've tried
several version and have run into trouble, but will try some of the
versions you've recommended.

Yes. Download e.g. 1.67 from that site and just run the install.sh script that he has included. Then run mondoarchive with the options you want.


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