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mondoarchive - error in mkisofs

I installed mondo/mindi on my work server recently (Woody).  I tested it out 
on an almost identical system at home first and didn't have too many 
problems - managed to backup and restore a running system with no problems. 
I've used the stock standard "stable" packages  - mondo_1.41.1-1_i386.deb 
and mindi_0.58.r5-1woody1_i386.deb.  Everything is fine until it runs 
mkisofs to make the CD image.  I see that others have problems with this, 
but haven't seen a fix.  Is it something to do with the 
mindi-data/mindi-boot filenames being too long??

Can anybody help?

Here is my command line (similar result when scratch/temp files not 

mondoarchive -O -i -d /tmp/backup.iso -l LILO -f /dev/hda -S 
/var/tmp/mondo-scratch -k FAILSAFE -T /var/tmp/mondo-temp -E "/home /mnt"

Here is the relevant part of the log:

Fork is closing tape/CD ...
Writing the final ISO
OK, time to make CD #1
OK, you're telling me this is the last CD. Fair enough.
make_iso_fs ---  
scratchdir=/var/tmp/mondo-scratch/mondo.scratch.1679/mondo.scratch.28754 ---  
Running mkisofs to make CD #1
                          Running mkisofs to make CD #1
    Running mkisofs to make CD #1
echo hi > /tmp/mondo.XXmu9Tx1 ; mkisofs -b images/mindi-boot.2880.img -c 
boot.cat -o /tmp/backup.iso//1.iso -J -r -p MondoRescue -P 
www.microwerks.net/~hugo/ -A Mondo_Rescue_GPL -V 1 . 2> 
/var/tmp/mondo-temp/tmp.mondo.31563/tmp.mondo.253/stderr.txt; res=$?; rm -f 
/tmp/mondo.XXmu9Tx1; exit $res
Using MINDI000.IMG;1 for  ./images/mindi-data-3.img (mindi-data-2.img)
Using MINDI001.IMG;1 for  ./images/mindi-data-2.img (mindi-data-1.img)
Using MINDI002.IMG;1 for  ./images/mindi-boot.1722.img (mindi-boot.2880.img)
mkisofs: No such file or directory. Unable to open disc image file
Call to mkisofs to make ISO (CD #1) ...failed
WARNING - make_iso_fs returned an error

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