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mozilla-thunderbird and filtering to nested sub-folders

Has anyone else had a problem filtering to nested sub-folders 
in thunderbird?  I'll describe in more detail:

I create a new filter rule, and select when address is foo@foo.com 
to put it in  AccountName/Folder/Subfolder.  To do this using the 
filter dialog box it expands nested lists fine, I can go to Accountname, 
and there is a little arrow pointing me to expand and see all the Folders, 
and then under those subfolders.  However, when I select a subfolder it 
puts just "subfolder on AccountName".  When the filter indeed fires 
it complains (TRYCREATE fails) because there is no folder called that.
And indeed, there is no folder called subfolder on Accountname because 
it should be folder/subfolder on Accountname.

Is this a bug that has already been reported?  I am thinking of switching 
to thunderbird, but can't possibly do so if filtering to subfolders doesn't 
work.  Is there a fix to this?

James Cummings, Cummings dot James at GMail dot com

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