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Re: Kernel 2.6.8 won't boot

Eric Gaumer wrote:

On Tue, 2005-01-04 at 02:16 +0700, Muhammad Reza wrote:
debian:/usr/src/linux# lspci
0000:00:04.1 IDE interface: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT82C586A/B/VT82C686/A/B/VT823x/A/C PIPC Bus Master IDE (rev 10)

This is a serial ATA chipset.


Make sure you have sata_via module listed in /etc/mkinitrd/modules and
then re-install the 2.6 kernel (this will create a new initrd image).

Then at boot time, edit grub so that root=/dev/sda1

I know 2.4 shows the drive as hda but 2.6 will see it as sda because
this is how libata works.

Almost give up...

I did exactly what this lists suggest...(recompile with sata modules, edit grub, and add entry in /etc/mkinitrd/modules) but it's still produce same error when booting the new kernel.
Is there any clue...?


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