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Mouse jumping all over the place >> more info

I totally forgot to mention that I'm running a kernel 2.6.10 vanilla on
a Intel machine.


> Is there a way to get some verbose output out of the mouse/keyboard
> subsytems ? I have here a MS Wireless Optical keyboard + mouse (USB, 'f
> course).
> Something is happening: from time to time my mouse will jump on the top
> edge or right edge of my screen, just like that. Here's what I've
> eliminated so far:
> - this is not a question of low batteries; I replaced them
> - no radio interference; the physical environment hasn't changed at all
> - no software update / config change in a while; this has started all of
> a sudded
> I'm wondering if there's a way to see more output (debug info, I dunno)
> concerning the usb subsystem, besides /var/log/messages (which does not
> help that much, one might say).
> By the way.. That computer triple boots (Debian, SunOS 5.10 and XP).
> SunOS and XP do not "enjoy" that behaviour.
> Any ideas would be welcome.
> Regards,
> Jeff

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