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Mouse jumping all over the place

Now that I've settled my PDA questions, there's a new phenomenon on my
haunted system :)

Is there a way to get some verbose output out of the mouse/keyboard
subsytems ? I have here a MS Wireless Optical keyboard + mouse (USB, 'f

Something is happening: from time to time my mouse will jump on the top
edge or right edge of my screen, just like that. Here's what I've
eliminated so far:

- this is not a question of low batteries; I replaced them
- no radio interference; the physical environment hasn't changed at all
- no software update / config change in a while; this has started all of
a sudded

I'm wondering if there's a way to see more output (debug info, I dunno)
concerning the usb subsystem, besides /var/log/messages (which does not
help that much, one might say).

By the way.. That computer triple boots (Debian, SunOS 5.10 and XP).
SunOS and XP do not "enjoy" that behaviour.

Any ideas would be welcome.



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