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Re: "best" high performance video card for debian

On Mon, 3 Jan 2005, Mike wrote:

> Yeah, pretty much no question there. Get nvidia if you want 'high 
> performance 3d' on linux. While ATI cards are nice, they really havn't 
> shown much improvement of supporting linux over the past year. 

yup ...

> (and the 
> support that 'is' there, you mine-as-well go with dri because ATI's 
> drivers are 'that bad')

it's a toss up between .. ati fireGL vs nvidia quadro4 ..
	- depends on what is on sale ... regular retail is $1,000+ each

but, some of the newer quadro4 seems to be faster than fireGL series
	- its fun to learn about installing nvidia drivers
	and old drivers and new drivers and clean up their sloppy(broken)
	installers so that dri/drm all works right in stereo 3D

c ya

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