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Re: "best" high performance video card for debian

dorn hetzel wrote:
Ok, I know this is a subjective question with subjective answers, but
would anyone care to venture personal recommendations on good high
performance video cards which work well and are relatively easy to
get X up and running well on.  Platform would be some flavor of
debian with 2.6.10ish kernel.  Bonus points for pci-express cards
known to work well :)


If you want to be able to game (CS, NWN, UT, etc.) then get an nVidia
card, flat out.  The reason is that most modern games utilize S3
Texture Compression, which is patented.  The binary drivers for nVidia
are far and away better than the binary drivers for ATI.  I should know,
I struggled with the binary ATI drivers for over a year.  When I finally
bought an nVidia card, the binary drivers Just Worked(TM).

If gaming is NOT a concern, then buy an ATI card.  If you want good
3D acceleration, then everything upto and including the 9200 is
extremely well supported in the current XFree86 in Sid/Sarge.  I have
had the open source dri drivers give my up to 25% better performance
than the binary ATI drivers.

Overall, the ATI card, if it is supported by XFree86, is easier to get
working.  But, if you want gaming performance, your only real choice
is an nVidia.

-Roberto Sanchez

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