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Re: newbie installation question

Brian M. Godfrey wrote:

But I'd suggest installing Sarge instead of Woody.
(Let the flamefest begin . . . .)

I haven't seen any flames yet, Kent. Maybe it's a good idea. But I can borrow the 3.0r2 disks which, I think, are Woody. I'm sure they'll be fine for now. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

--Brian M. Godfrey

Sarge has a new installer which tends to do a better job of autodetecting stuff. Plus, you'll get newer versions of a lot of packages, which might help with say, video drivers.

My personal preference is to run Stable (Woody) on servers, and Unstable (Sid) on workstations; I start the workstation installs with the Testing (Sarge) installer, and then upgrade to Sid.

But [starting from / staying at ] Woody works too, if that's what you prefer.


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